Whether a Crash or Accident, Insurance Companies Still Owe

The difference between a car crash and a car accident isn’t something that many people know about, but it can make all the difference in a personal injury case.

 The word “accident” implies to insurance companies that your injury was nobody’s fault, which is why they try to use the word “accident” so often. “Crash” implies that one or more party collided with another and the injuries sustained at one or more of the individuals involved is at fault. Insurance companies try to use the word “accident” in order to escape the responsibilities of paying expensive medical and mechanic bills.

The personal injury lawyers at Adams Davis PC are here to help keep insurance companies in line. The fact of the matter is that both crashes and accidents cause harm and someone is at fault. Whether from driving too fast in crazy Utah weather or just driving in a negligent manner, someone is the cause of injuries from car crashes and accidents and they should take legal responsibility for the injuries and damages they have caused.

In Utah there are multiple incidents on the morning or evening commute. Insurance companies shouldn’t be able to shy away from paying the injured just because it was an “accident” and not a “crash.” Personal injury lawyers at Adams Davis PC can help ensure that both the guilty party and insurance companies pay what they owe so that the injured receive the compensation they deserve.

adminWhether a Crash or Accident, Insurance Companies Still Owe

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