What Info Do Your Personal Injury Lawyers Need?

When dealing with personal injury cases, lawyers need a few key pieces of information. Here, at Adams Davis PC in Utah, we pride ourselves on earning the best restitution possible for our clients.

To do this, we need full cooperation of our clients. Perhaps the most important piece of information to give lawyers is the medical record pertaining to the accident. This includes doctor’s visits, and other medical care that resulted from the accident.

Personal injury often requires some type of payment. Giving lawyers the insurance and fee information will help when getting the desired amount of compensation for a personal injury claim. 

Being on the same page with lawyers is key to making the casework in your favor. Voice any concerns, whether it is about the no fault laws in Utah, or a simple concern about a specific bill. 

Being involved in a personal injury case can be stressful, but we want to help. Before meeting with lawyers, gather up any evidence or documentation from the accident. Aside from medical and financial information, try to acquire any statements or tickets that were involved as well.

It is better to be over-informed than under-informed. With that in mind, don’t be afraid to bring our lawyers every piece of the puzzle, even if it seems extraneous to the case. Anything can help when the search for proper compensation begins.

adminWhat Info Do Your Personal Injury Lawyers Need?

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