Understanding Work Related Injuries

When it comes to a work related injury, it can be fairly difficult to determine if the injury will be covered by Workers’ Compensation or if you’ll be on your own for the medical costs. Typically, if an injury or illness occurred on the jobsite or during a work related event, it’s usually covered. Sometimes, however, things can get complicated, in which case a team of personal injury lawyers should be contacted.

Lunch breaks, while travelling for work and during company events are some of the most common times to receive injuries. If a person is travelling for work outside of Utah and gets in a car accident, it will likely be covered by Workers’ Compensation. However, accidents that happen in Utah during the daily commute to and from work are likely not covered.

If an employee is out buying lunch for their boss and rolls their ankle, it is likely covered. However, if that employee was simply picking up lunch for himself or herself, it is probably not going to be covered. Injuries that happen when the company work party gets a little wild will typically be covered by Workers’ Compensation.

Knowing what is and is not considered a work related injury can be confusing. Our team of personal injury lawyers here at Adams Davis PC has the experience and knowledge to help anyone determine if their injury should be covered.

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