Understanding Personal Injury: Formal Lawsuits Versus Informal Settlements

Personal injury lawyers in Utah pursue claims through several different routes. However, informal settlements and formal lawsuits are the most common approaches to personal injury claims. Although lawyers will eventually decide which route a claim will take, some factors, like severity of injuries, can help determine the legal proceeding.

In many cases, individuals will experience an informal settlement. In this type of personal injury case, Utah lawyers and insurance companies will create a mutually agreed upon financial amount that will be paid to the accident victim. This type of settlement can often save time, but may still require negotiation. After negotiation is completed, both sides will sign a written document that states neither of them will take any future action once the amount has been paid.

If individuals or their lawyers are not happy with a proposed settlement, they may pursue a formal lawsuit. In this situation, a plaintiff will file a complaint against a defendant for an act that was negligent or careless. The plaintiff’s lawyer must also prove that the injury deserves compensation because it was the result of an avoidable accident.

Here at Adams Davis PC, our lawyers are ready to help you understand the differences between lawsuits and assist you in creating a plan that will result in the best outcome after a personal injury.

adminUnderstanding Personal Injury: Formal Lawsuits Versus Informal Settlements

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