Most Common Injuries For Which You Don’t Need a Personal Injury Attorney

In today’s sue-happy society, sometimes it’s hard for people to know whether or not they have a personal injury case.

Leave it to the personal injury attorneys to help sort out whether or not your injury is case-worthy. The first step after any personal injury is to take notes and document the incident. Determining fault and compensation is part of the personal injury attorney’s job. 

Although lots of folks have jumped on the hot coffee spilling bandwagon (spilling hot coffee on yourself accidentally or purposefully) will not get you a personal injury settlement. After the monumental case with McDonald’s almost all fast food places have printed some variation of “caution: hot liquid” on their coffee collars.

Another common injury for which people shouldn’t call a personal injury attorney is injuries falling out of a hammock. Unless the product malfunctioned or had a defect, the odds of a personal injury case going to trial are slim. Do yourself and your personal injury attorney a favor and double check the rigging and knots used to secure the hammock before you lay down.

 Many legitimate cases originate from injury due to a negligent act. However, a negligent act isn’t merely enough to get a settlement. Personal injury attorney’s jobs are to determine if the act caused the accident and how to prove fault. 

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