Is Hands-Free Preventing Accidents?

The newest driving law to take effect in Utah is the hands-free law. It states that it is now illegal to use your phone at all while behind the wheel. The only exception is dialing during a medical emergency. But is this new hands-free approach really preventing accidents? Police officers and personal injury lawyers with car crash cases still flooding in will tell you no.

If you find yourself switching the song on your iPod or taking a selfie on SnapChat while driving, you had better just put the phone down right then and there. These distractions may have seemed harmless in the beginning, but they’re definitely illegal now and for good reason, too. It doesn’t seem that teens, or adults for that matter, are all too concerned about this new law though. People driving all over Utah can still be seen with their phones in their hands, blatantly disregarding the law. And if they don’t have their phone in their hands, they’ve probably got something else they’re doing while driving.

Eating while driving, applying makeup or even angrily screaming into the speakerphone are things that personal injury lawyers like those at Adams Davis PC see quite often. Accidents happen for more than just texting and driving and being hands-free with technology isn’t going to stop all accidents. Especially when people are doing a lot more than just using their phones behind the wheel, or when they clearly don’t care about the law and its punishments. However, it is illegal and seriously dangerous to drive distracted at all, so make sure you put your phone and all other distractions away before putting the car in drive.

adminIs Hands-Free Preventing Accidents?

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