How to Protect a Personal Injury Claim

Individuals who are involved in an accident that results in a personal injury should avoid several common mistakes that can ruin their claim. Victims should also consult experienced Utah lawyers as soon as they are injured to help preserve the value of their case.

After an accident, inured people should immediately seek the appropriate medical care and treatment. Individuals will often avoid the hospital or ER because they are worried about their budget and expenses. However, victims who don’t seek immediate medical attention may significantly reduce the value of their case. 

After an accident, individuals should strive to preserve the evidence surrounding the accident. A victim will eventually need to prove that another party was at fault for the accident and their injury. Although these events can be stressful, it is critical that photographs are obtained, names and contact information are exchanged and law enforcement is contacted when necessary.

It is also imperative that residents select one of the Utah’s personal injury lawyers to represent them after an accident. Utah has specific laws that can be complex, but personal injury lawyers are trained to navigate them efficiently. Here at Adams Davis PC, our attorneys are ready to help you navigate the claims process that is unique to Utah and help you develop a plan that will result in the maximum value of your case. 

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