Dispatch Mistakes

An unfortunate type of legal case that personal injury lawyers sometimes deal with is wrongful death or aggravated injury that come as a result of dispatch mistakes. While most 911 dispatchers are able to perform their job effectively, many dispatch centers in Utah and across the country face staffing crises that force their staff members to work overtime, leading to an increased risk for stressed, sleep deprived workers who are more likely to make mistakes.

When 911 dispatchers make mistakes, it often has tragic results. In 2008, a Florida woman died after being kidnapped and raped. While 911 calls were made by concerned motorists who witnessed that something was definitely wrong in the vehicle she had been kidnapped in, clerical errors caused 911 dispatchers to fail to relay the information to police officers. While not common, personal injury lawyers have been involved in lawsuits that have occurred across the country as a result of wrongful death or serious injury that came from dispatch mistakes.

If you ever find yourself in a situation where the negligence of others has led to severe injury or even wrongful death, Adams Davis is there to help. It is important to have qualified legal assistance to make sure you get the compensation you deserve.

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