Understanding Subtle Injuries

Some personal injuries can be subtle and hard to detect. Due to this, Utah residents who have acquired an injury should work with an experienced doctor and one of the state’s personal injury lawyers. While some injuries are very apparent, others can be difficult to detect. If one experiences a change in mood, vision, hearing or appetite after an accident, … Read More

adminUnderstanding Subtle Injuries

How to Approach a Dog

Dogs are man’s best friend, but they can also be unpredictable. Avoid a bite by taking these steps into consideration when approaching a dog.

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Statute of Limitations: Time Constraints on Personal Injury Cases

With regard to personal injury cases, it’s better to file a claim now―not later. Time limits placed on lawsuits, known as the statute of limitations, disallows claims to be filed after a certain date. If one takes too long to file a claim, his or her chance will become indefinitely forfeited―even with the assistance of lawyers. Time constraint laws vary … Read More

adminStatute of Limitations: Time Constraints on Personal Injury Cases

Understanding Personal Injury: Formal Lawsuits Versus Informal Settlements

Personal injury lawyers in Utah pursue claims through several different routes. However, informal settlements and formal lawsuits are the most common approaches to personal injury claims. Although lawyers will eventually decide which route a claim will take, some factors, like severity of injuries, can help determine the legal proceeding. In many cases, individuals will experience an informal settlement. In this … Read More

adminUnderstanding Personal Injury: Formal Lawsuits Versus Informal Settlements

Myths and Misconceptions about Personal Injury Cases

There are plenty of myths and misconceptions when it comes to personal injury law. Many victims of personal injury do not understand the legal system and therefore avoid it altogether; others dive into personal injury claims without substantial knowledge and cannot take full advantage of their rights as victims. At Adams David PC, we’re committed to making sure that the … Read More

adminMyths and Misconceptions about Personal Injury Cases

What is No-Fault Compensation?

Many may not realize that when involved in a car accident, whether it is your fault or the other driver’s, you are still entitled to insurance coverage. These types of benefits are called No-Fault Benefits. Whether you live in Utah or New York will depend on what type of compensation is available to you. Many times in an accident, a … Read More

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What Is A Personal Injury?

People get hurt all the time. People trip while walking down the street and cut their fingers while chopping vegetables. But there’s a difference between just being hurt and being injured by the negligence of others.  The most common types of personal injury cases are traffic accidents, work accidents, assault claims, product defect issues and medial malpractice. The injury can … Read More

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How to Protect a Personal Injury Claim

Individuals who are involved in an accident that results in a personal injury should avoid several common mistakes that can ruin their claim. Victims should also consult experienced Utah lawyers as soon as they are injured to help preserve the value of their case. After an accident, inured people should immediately seek the appropriate medical care and treatment. Individuals will … Read More

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Personal Injury Lawyers Make Life Easier

After an injury that was caused by someone else’s negligence, there is a lot to handle. Medical bills, insurance companies and dealing with the injury can be a lot to take on, especially when insurance companies don’t want to cooperate. Thankfully, the struggle and burden can be lessened with the help of experienced personal injury lawyers. The professional and experienced … Read More

adminPersonal Injury Lawyers Make Life Easier

The Importance of Field Sobriety Tests

If you or a loved one was injured by the negligence of a drunk driver, the team of personal injury lawyers at Adams Davis PC can help. As soon as the accident occurs and officers arrive on the scene, field sobriety tests should be conducted. This way, the officers will be able to determine whether the driver was intoxicated at … Read More

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