Asbestos and Personal Injury Cases

Personal injury lawyers specialize in resolving the financial issues of all kinds of accidents. Here at Adams Davis PC in Utah, we want to help our clients with any type of injury incurred. Asbestos, and the malignancies it can cause, surmised many discussions within the realm of personal injury – as a heat-resistant silicate often suffused into fabric, it can … Read More

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What Info Do Your Personal Injury Lawyers Need?

When dealing with personal injury cases, lawyers need a few key pieces of information. Here, at Adams Davis PC in Utah, we pride ourselves on earning the best restitution possible for our clients. To do this, we need full cooperation of our clients. Perhaps the most important piece of information to give lawyers is the medical record pertaining to the … Read More

adminWhat Info Do Your Personal Injury Lawyers Need?

Understanding Work Related Injuries

When it comes to a work related injury, it can be fairly difficult to determine if the injury will be covered by Workers’ Compensation or if you’ll be on your own for the medical costs. Typically, if an injury or illness occurred on the jobsite or during a work related event, it’s usually covered. Sometimes, however, things can get complicated, … Read More

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